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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

About BrainMass - Homework Help from BrainMass

About BrainMass - Homework Help from BrainMass:

"BrainMass is a global community of graduate-level students, teachers and professionals. We have gathered here to address a visible shortcoming with the current education system: the unavailability of direct academic assistance for students that are training to compete in our knowledge-based society.
While schools can be very effective in providing educational leadership, instruction, and standards for work ethic, they are often unable to provide individual high-level assistance to their students when it is required. Due to budgetary constraints, many institutions are unable to provide enough teaching assistants to manage growing enrolment and student schedules are such that help is often required outside of normal working hours.
Our community has been established in a way that allows the provision of excellent academic assistance, securely and inclusively, to all secondary and undergraduate students around the globe for very reasonable rates. Our revenue-sharing program ensures that the vast majority of the revenue gained by the community from students, parents, and organizations is paid directly to its members.
In this way, BrainMass has created a mutually beneficial scenario in which learners, teachers and the global academic community as a whole benefit from the experience of using our service/site.
There are countless additional benefits for all visitors, users and members. Please take time to read through the information provided in these pages to better understand our modus operandi.
To view the profiles of our many Online Teaching Assistants (Online TAs), visit our OTA Profiles section."

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